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Ultimate Access Lift


Innovative equipment for the moving impaired population

In every society many individuals become physically disabled due to various reasons including accident, disease, or simply aging; however their mobility remains a necessity. These needs might pertain to transferring such as moving from a wheelchair to a vehicle or repositioning such as turning in a bed.
Mohammad Fakhrizadeh is the founder of Austeen ( He developed user-friendly equipment to assist the movement impaired population to achieve increased mobility and independence. based on his strong academic achievements, over 40 years of experience in various engineering fields, and his passion for his fellow human beings,
In order to design safe and economically feasible products to meet the needs of physically handicapped people, and with features currently unavailable in today’s market, the overall aspects of their issues were analyzed. The outcome of years of intensive research has resulted in the successful development of several innovative products that considerably enhance the quality of life for physically handicapped individuals with various severities, be those temporary or permanent disabilities.
In 2013, the Austeen Company was established to produce and market these innovative products which include the Ultimate Access Lift, the Ultimate Mobility Sling, and the Ultimate Repositioning Bed. The lift and the sling facilitate the transfering needs of an immobilized person from one location to another; and the bed targets an invalid’s rotational and other repositioning needs. These devices compliment each other to aid the bed bound person to stand, be rotated, sit, and leave their bed with minimal assistance from a caregiver, thus lessening the hardships and other risks facing the caregiving and transport service providers. In addition, they empower bed ridden people to regain control of their various movement needs and improve their health and lifestyle.

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